University of Wisconsin–Madison


Lab Director

bellmore-headshot-1Amy Bellmore

Professor of Educational Psychology

•  PhD University of Connecticut

•  MA University of Connecticut

•  BA University of California-San Diego

Office: 852C Educational Sciences Building

Office Phone: 608-263-3883


My primary research focus is school-based peer relationships during adolescence. My specific research program centers on the impact of social risk factors, such as peer rejection and peer-victimization, on psychosocial and academic adjustment. My theoretical approach to this topic is informed by person-in-context social developmental models which emphasize the connection between developing adolescents and their social contexts. A key component of this theoretical perspective, which is evident in my research, is the recognition that the social context contains several influential levels. I have attended to different features of school and classroom contexts, and I have attended to more proximal levels of the social context such as students’ friendship groups and episode characteristics (i.e., features of specific real-life interactions). The practical significance of attending to multiple levels is that it offers numerous points of possible intervention to improve the lives of adolescents. Understanding where and how to intervene is one of the ultimate goals of my research.

Graduate Students

Angela Calvin

Graduate Student of Educational Psychology

•  MS Illinois State University

•  BA Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Office: 863L Educational Sciences Building


Angela “Angie” Calvin is a doctoral student in Human Development in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interests focus on the risks and opportunities of digital technology and social media use on the social development of adolescents. 

Chelsea Olson

Graduate Student of Educational Psychology

• MS University of Wisconsin – Madison

• BA University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office: 863G Educational Sciences Building


Chelsea Olson is a PhD student in the Human Development area of the Educational Psychology Department. Her research interests include adolescent peer relationships, social media use, online aggression and victimization, and associated mental health outcomes.

Ting Fan

Graduate Student of Education 

• MS Ed in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development, University of Pennsylvania

• BA Psychology, Beloit College

Office: 863G Educational Sciences Building


Currently, Ting Fan is interested in how the ecological environment has shaped adolescents throughout their development from both the micro and the macro level, specifically, with considerations on the complexity of in-school children’s social relationships, mass media, and cultural differences.

Priscilla Tovar Perez

  • BA, Psychology, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX


Priscilla Tovar-Perez is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology Department, Human Development area. Priscilla is interested on the impact of environmental risk factors on psychosocial and academic adjustment, specifically in LatinX students. Apart from interest, she intends to research these topics with the hope that one day her work will be applied to educational practices and policies.


Current Undergraduate Members

Nikki Li

Senior studying psychology.

“I am interested in human development, educational psychology, and student affairs. I am also interested in how art affects development and learning.”



Taylor Wilkowski

Psychology, Certificate: Education and Educational Services

“I hope to one day be a school psychologist and spend the rest of my career within the school system.”





Elizabeth Johnson

Rehabilitation Psychology and History

“I plan to use my experience in the lab to go to graduate school. I want to study public policy so I can use my privilege to advocate for others within our healthcare system.”



Mira Grinsfelder

Education Studies and a Certificate in Afro-American Studies

“Broadly, I am interested in whiteness and critical pedagogies. I joined the lab in July 2019. Post-grad, I intend to continue learning and dedicate my energy to social movements for an equitable, harmonious world.”



Lab Alumni

Graduate Student Alumni

Amy Bintliff (PhD 2019)

Felice Resnik (PhD 2019)

Yorel Lashley (PhD 2018)

Hsun-chih Huang (PhD 2017)

Rachael Hansen (PhD 2015)

Wei-Ting Chen (PhD 2015)

Ting-Lan Ma (PhD 2014)

Ji-In You (PhD 2013)

Undergraduate Student Alumni


Kimberly Vue

Morgan Brummer 

Victoria Aho

Colleen Hogan

Katelyn Matkin

Karissa Holzbauer

Chelsea Olson

Julia Honoroff

Carmen DeLaCruz

Hillary Breidel

Leah Emmrich

Lucas Moore

Marika Sam

Michael Woodward

Megan Clark

Natalie Goldman 

Holy Gill-Kneebone

Anna Paulson

Eun Young Sung

Katherine Winter

Jessica Gimbel

Bekah Blocker

Emily Rischall

Jennifer Feng

Liliana Palencia

Maria Hughes

Maya Dorsey

Terrance Sims

Noah Gill